lightweight tactical easily concealed assault pack backpack

This light weight, wide using backpack can withstand the harsh test of long-term use This tactical backpack is made with MOLLE system for additional attachments. There are plenty of webbing blocks for storing and organizing your essential gear . Other features of this tactical backpack includes padded shoulder straps,high-strength waterproof durable fabric along with two main compartments storage and one front slant zip pocket.

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【How to choose the backpack capacity】 If the travel time is short (1-3 days), and you do not plan to camp outdoors and carry few items, you should choose a backpack with a small volume, generally 25 to 45 liters is enough. This kind of backpack is usually relatively simple in structure, with no or less external hangings. In addition to one main bag, there are usually 3-5 additional bags, which are convenient for sorting and loading items. If you travel for a long time (more than 3 days) or you need to bring camping equipment, you need to choose a large bag, preferably more than 50 liters. If you need to load a lot of items or a large volume, you can choose an oversized backpack of 75 liters or more or a backpack with more external attachments. 【Quality of mountaineering bag】 The quality of the mountaineering bag is reflected in its fabric material. The outer material of the mountaineering bag is made of dense and waterproof wear-resistant, fire-resistant and tear-resistant materials, and mostly new fabrics and high-density Oxford nylon cloth are used. High-quality webbing can bear more than 200 kilograms, but the price is several times higher than that of ordinary webbing. It is also very different in terms of wear resistance and strength. Through the test, it is found that the wear resistance of the high-quality nylon fabric is twice as high as that of the ordinary nylon fabric. 【Other details】 Whether there is a double bottom fabric design, this feature can greatly extend the life of the backpack. Whether there is a tow ring, hanging ice axe ring. Whether the backpack is designed with elastic capacity when a multi-day trek involves walking. Is there a design of compression side straps, when the equipment is reduced, it can tighten the backpack to reduce the capacity of the backpack, so as to prevent the movement of the equipment in the backpack from swaying and affecting the traveling balance. Whether there are detachable side pockets, this feature can increase the flexibility of the backpack capacity. Whether the backpack has a chest strap design, it can prevent the backpack from moving in difficult and rough terrain. If the pack is used for technical climbing or in dense forests, choose a pack with a smooth profile to avoid tripping over branches or rocks. The material of the backpack fabric should be strong and wear-resistant, which can better meet the needs of outdoor activities. Will the zipper of the backpack be directly stressed? If it will be directly subjected to force, what is the limit of its force? Will the backpack still work if the zipper fails?


Main material: 600D water repellent camo Oxford Size: L*W*H 33x18x46cm. volume: 46L Full space for gears and essential accessories provided by Molle system and remain stabel and pretty strong enough for outspread excursions or military deployments. while a generous Molle compatible web platform keeps all your accessories within easy reach. Double webbing handle rugged and reliable enough for load-bearing, both top and side panel also with webbing hang syetems.Side and bottom with buckle fastened system to ensure no movement and extra voice happened when hiking. Velcro design on the front panel to stick badges. backpack inside the compartment with laptop pouch and organized pockets. Cushioned back panel and shoulder straps with comfort and buffering capacity.

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