Portable expandable mechanical spring baton carry around baton

The portable expandable mechanical spring baton adopts pen buckle design, with small size and light weight, easy to carry. Automatically pop up, reducing operation time. The tail of the handle is equipped with a broken window spine for multi-function defense. High-strength alloy rigid body, with quenching treatment, strong and durable. The handle is made of non-slip leather texture, which is comfortable and not easy to slip off.

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The three-section spring self-defense stick can be stretched and retracted freely, and the operation is convenient. When hitting the ground, try to keep the stick and the ground in a vertical state, otherwise, one is easy to slip, the stick hits itself, and the other is the uneven force on the connecting part of the stick and easy to get stuck. The handle can also be made of foam cotton, which is comfortable to hold and has a lanyard design at the tail. Made of high-strength high-quality spring steel, it is super tough and will not be deformed after repeated bending. The extension length of the spring stick reaches 40 cm, and the size of the pen is similar to that of the pen before extension, which is only 19 cm. It is easy to carry and can fit small bags. The front end of the spring steel also has an anti-drop ball design. When shrinking, the ball will be stuck to prevent it from falling off.


. Item No. :portable expandable mechanical spring baton . Material: quench allov steel . Size: extend length 39.5cm, shrink length 19cm . Weight: 255g . Broken window tail, aggravating attack head, is made of quenched alloy steel, the force is doubled and concentrated on the head of the club, easily breaking the window, and no pressure to escape. . High-strength alloy rigid body, with quenching treatment, strong and durable. The small solid steel pipe at the front end has higher strength. . Leather grip cover, non-slip and comfortable, effectively increase friction, not easy to take off when using. . Hardened baton head, when thrown out, it becomes a powerful self-defense equipment to protect your safety. . Portable pen buckle design, 304 stainless steel material, easy to put the baton in the pocket. . The strong baton body is made of reinforced alloy steel by quenching, which is constant/not bend/not rust.

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