Aluminium alloy circular riot shield lightweight ballistic shield

This riot shield was designed with thickened aluminum alloy, anti-impact, strong penetration, effective resistance to external force attacks. The back uses thickened sponge to make anti-impact pads, which can effectively absorb external forces. Humanized foldable anti-slip finger-clenched grip design, easy to master, link strength is greater than 500N. High-strength nylon wider armband, loose and adjustable, logo customization.

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Metal riot shields are designed to change the defects of traditional PC shields. The shields are made of high-strength aluminum alloy plates, which are not afraid of high temperature and low temperature blows, and are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. Liquid splashes, etc. Compared with PC shields, it has a long service life, higher impact strength and strong UV resistance. The observation window is made of PC material. After long-term use, the user can replace it by himself. The high-strength aluminum plywood anti-riot shield has strong impact resistance and is durable. It can resist the attack of projectiles, sharp instruments and acids other than guns and guns. It has strong protection ability, reliable installation and fixation, and easy operation. Excellent protective equipment. The high-strength aluminum alloy shield that has undergone comprehensive hot and cold processing and then heat treated has a smooth surface and no visible pits, protrusions, bubbles, burrs, sharp corners, scratches, spots, degumming, peeling and other defects. High, light specific gravity, easy to handle, strong and corrosion resistant. The grip is comfortable and free of burrs and sharp corners. The surface treatment uses environmentally friendly paint, which is harmless to the human body, and is durable and beautiful.


. Item No. : aluminium alloy circular riot shield . Size: 530x530mm . Thickness: 2.0mm . Weight: 1.8kg . Material: thickened aluminum alloy . Grip connection strength: ≥500N . Armband connection strength: ≥500N . Impact strength: meets 147J kinetic energy impact . Puncture resistance: meets GA68-2003 test tool 20J kinetic energy puncture . Thickness and logo can be customized, customized pattern size 30x19cm . The thick sponge layer on the back is shock-resistant and impact-resistant, and has good cushioning performance. . It adopts a combination of strap handles and a thick foam pad, which is compressive and shock resistant, easy to grasp and not easy to take off. . The screw-fixed handle has better stability and firmness, and this circular riot shield is easy to carry.

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