Hardened alloy steel quenching expandable baton

The hardened alloy steel quenching expandable baton is made of high-quality alloy steel, the surface is finely processed. with high standard multi-element processing technology, good balance of toughness and good tensile strength. It is a convenient portable appliance for field protection, self-defense, self-rescue by broken windows, and outdoor crossing.

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As a product of the highly developed era of machining, the point of birth of the throwing stick is simple and straightforward - portability. As the saying goes, one inch long and one inch strong, main battle weapons often have length requirements. Taking police crutches as an example, their lengths are mostly in the early 50cm range (24 inches to 26 inches). Although this black long and straight baton is really convenient to use, it is indeed a burden when not in use. When driving a car, it must be removed from the waist and inserted in the car. Take it on your body. At the same time, because the stick is more troublesome and easy to be knocked down, and when running, the long stick will constantly shake and spank, and it may even be easy to get stuck in a narrow space. When guarding and arresting, the police abduct is usually held directly in the hand, rather than hanging on the body. Because of these various inconveniences and the continuous weakening of the baton in actual use (the increase of non-lethal means), the police baton gradually took a back seat, and the small and portable throwing baton took the place of other service batons. Became a standard for the police. Under this premise, the highly portable swing stick began to replace most of the long and short sticks and T-sticks, and became the first choice of blunt weapons for non-lethal force used by patrol police. The various traditional long and short sticks left behind did not immediately withdraw from the stage of history, but continued to play an important role in suppressing riots and ending chaos. The throwing stick is generally composed of three sleeves, which are divided into: 1) the striking section, 2) the connecting section and 3) the handle according to the function. The striking section generally has a metal tip, and some products are also equipped with replaceable tips for various functions. The handle is usually wrapped with a layer of sponge or rubber, which is mainly anti-slip to increase cushioning and improve comfort. In order to improve the corrosion resistance and durability of metal parts, the products will be surface treated. Commonly black anodized, but also shiny chrome.


. Item No. : hardened alloy steel quenching expandable baton . Two Sizes: -size one-26" Total length 65.5cm, gross weight: 560g Handle 24.5cm, second section 23cm, third section 22.3cm -size two-21'' Total length 53cm, gross weight: 460g Handle 20cm, second section 18cm, third section 17.8cm . Method of collecting batons: The center of gravity is perpendicular to the ground, knocking down hard in one go. Can't cushion things such as books when recycling. If the second section is stuck, do not continue to knock, and recycle it after throwing it out All in one go, directly received the bottom.

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