Summer mesh hadifield steel liner tactical armor vest

Hadifield steel liner quenched and tempered by high temperature it has strong anti-puncture ability. outer carrier is made with strength mesh fabric.basic stlyle with high quality and good value.It is used far and wide throughout the military and police security departments, such as equipping police officers and prison guards and other public security law enforcement personnel, it also has universal applications and strong development potential in the civilian field, such as the protection of construction, decoration and other staff, and the sports protection of fencers. The safety protection of taxi drivers, the protection of motorcycle racers and so on.

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Can stab-proof clothing prevent knife stabs? Anti-stab clothing is also known as anti-knife clothing, anti-blade clothing or anti-blade clothing. The stab-resistant clothing implements the GA68-2008 "stab-resistant clothing" standard. The relevant requirements of this standard are: the protection level is 24 joules of kinetic energy, and the blade tip is not exposed; the surface density of the anti-stab material: < 10 kg/square meter; the protection area and weight: 2.8 kg. Stab-resistant clothing is often divided into hard stab-resistant clothing and soft stab-resistant clothing according to the material of the stab-resistant liner. The stab-resistant inner liner of the hard stab-resistant clothing is composed of more than 50 pieces of tungsten steel sheets stacked in a fish-scale arrangement. When stabbed by a knife, the tungsten steel sheet can better protect a person's chest and back. The stab-resistant inner bladder of the soft stab-resistant clothing is made of multiple layers of stab-resistant PE cotton felt, which are generally divided into 16 layers, 20 layers or more of stab-resistant PE cotton felt. According to the ministerial product standard, the protection level of the stab-resistant clothing is 24 joules of kinetic energy. We stabbed the knife hard into the inner liner of the stab-resistant clothing, and the stab-resistant clothing was not pierced. To sum up, wearing stab-proof clothing can really achieve the effect of stab-proof.


. The steel plate is arranged and linked in the shape of a fish scales, , so it is not only stab-proof but close-fitting due to bionic design. . Flexible bending hadifield steel, served with thickened shock-absorbing eva plate, effectively reduce the impact of stab resistance,while allows the body to resist external pressure well. . Inspected by authoritative ministerial make it reliable and trustworthy . Mesh fabric is breathable in hot climates, quickly get rid of the stuffiness, feel cool and comfortable . Adjustable wide velcro tapes on shoulder and waist fit the size quickly and easily , suitable for various body types.

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