Three cylinders anti-riot isolation net police riot equipment

Three cylinders anti-riot isolation net stand out in many public places, and they have been tested and passed in terms of appearance and safety of use, and have reached the standards of anti-riot fences, containment and interception nets, and incident prevention and interception nets. The barrier mesh is very meticulous from material selection to welding forming and post-processing. Through the connection of the frame anti-riot fence, a protective wall is built to control the crowd and the channel to ensure the order and safety of the audience.

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Explosion-proof barrier net, also known as emergency sealing and control barrier net, emergency sealing and control barrier net, telescopic barrier net, security barrier net, three-barrel barrier net, single-barrel barrier net, blocking net, three-circle barbed wire barrier net, three-circle barrier Nets, razor barbed wire barrier nets, zigzag barrier nets, accordion-type barrier nets, field barrier nets, three-ring sealing and control barrier nets, roadblock barrier nets, riot blocking and intercepting nets, etc. The barrier net (anti-riot barrier net) is mainly composed of four parts: movable bracket, fixed bracket, blade net, and recovery device components. Barrier performance: The barrier object cannot climb or climb without the aid of tools and equipment. Anti-damage performance: The blocking object cannot change the existing support state from the front of the blocking net with the help of common hand tools (screwdrivers, hammers, wrenches, pliers, etc.); Anti-riot barrier nets are suitable for isolation, traffic blocking and regional sealing and control on special occasions. In order to maintain social order and ensure public safety, the military and police need to effectively isolate, block traffic and block areas on the scene of illegal and criminal activities in the work of maintaining stability and dealing with emergencies. The product can not only prevent crowds from colliding, climbing and crossing, but also prevent cars from forcibly punching cards. It is widely used in the fortification of military facilities, airports, warehouses, prisons, enterprises and institutions, as well as border security, riot control, isolation, etc. The anti-riot barrier net adopts the snake complex telescopic blade steel net, and the two ends are the supporting frame structure. The control-end frame can quickly complete the barrier and the net collection. The telescopic net and the frame are firmly connected, and the overall structure is firm and stable. The anti-riot barrier net can effectively block the objects from climbing, climbing and destroying without the aid of equipment according to different use occasions and uses, as well as the requirements for different barrier capabilities and anti-destructive capabilities. Support customization, the size of the blade barbed wire loop is produced according to the requirements of the buyer!


. Item No. : three cylinders anti-riot isolation net . Size: Fold: L x H x thickness 1.5*1.5*0.45 m; Unfold: L x H x thickness 1.5*1.5*10.0 m . Inside with high density core wire which edges are serrated with good barrier performance and resistant to strain. . The barrel is fixed with screws, exquisite painting, and built-in hook frame, which can quickly gather the wire, saving time and effort. . There are several spring buckles on the barrel, which can lock the barrier net, which is easy to operate and ensure a clean storage space. . There are 4 pulleys at the bottom, which can drag the barrier net, which is convenient for outdoor operations. . Reminder: Please wear cut-resistant gloves when using this product !

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